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My son is seen as a skinhead. He likes to wear army boots and clothing with certain trademarks, trademarks that people associate with the extreme-right.

My wife and I went to the school last week to talk about Bram's choice of clothing. We told them that wearing these clothes is his choice. He wears them to belong to a group and his brother wears them too. Bram's denying this. When I ask him why he bothers so much, he says he just likes these clothes. His friends wear them too.

I think it's important that Bram feels comfortable at school, that he belongs to a group and has friends. At school they want to put a ban on his clothing. They say it sends out negativity and racism, but I don't agree with that. Other pupils can wear what they want as well.

In Bram's class there's a girl with a headscarf. They don't seem to have problems with that. I think that headscarves may send out something as well after September 2001. Actually, the head teacher should put a ban on that headscarf as well.

Let's go to Netherdam with Bram

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