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I can be clear about that. Racism!!! When you have a different skin colour, meaning not white, in the Netherlands you are faced with discrimination. Maybe I have to learn to live with that. Almost everyone I know has gone through this at least once, like being called names or insulted. Sometimes it happens at school, on the street or when we're shopping. My parents say it happens at work as well. Good people can't get a job because they wear a headscarf or because they are 'different'.

At school I hear racist remarks. I ignore it because I am too shy to respond to it. I would like to forget it but I can't. I'm not saying that Dutch people never get insulted but that happens much less. I think people have no idea how mean words can be.

Besides that I am afraid of an arranged marriage. I never talk about it at home but my parents did not marry out of love. They love each other now but they did not choose one another. My grandfathers decided that they would be a good couple. I want to marry a Dutch boy but I expect my family will think itís important for me to marry an Indian husband.

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